I’m sick of the application of the camera! Try applying Pixtica new

مللت من تطبيق الكاميرا خاصتك! جرّب تطبيق Pixtica الجديد

On the shop Google Play, there are hundreds even thousands of applications that can be trialled to improve capture audio and video, but truth be told, most of these applications forget the kitchen tools don’t come up with any thing can say about him that he is unique, but with the application of Pixtica new set and hat not, so that we can define that the application of the camera “photo, video” coming to save you from the world of this application through the advantages of the mighty and powerful in his field.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional or someone who barely touched camera, the design associated with the application will easily use it, which will help you to unleash the least creative, in addition to the bouquet of features to make it easy to capture photos and videos and more, as we shall see in the following lines.

Now we come for the perks coming with the application Pixtica, which highlighted the “live filters”, so that will put between your hands a large collection of Professional Effects, and to address them directly and how the photo or video with it, along will your application entitled manual control, therefore if your device has the potential of manual control, you can unleash the full potential of the camera and adjust the ISO, shutter speed, focus, exposure, and white balance.

Chris pens to you the rest of the features of the application Pixtica, so that there is a tool to create animated GIF images and support for panoramic photos, as well as export support slow motion and fast movement, there is an algorithm to projection imaging is developed, with support to capture images in the format Raw, the alignment of the rate of private pictures and videos captured via the app, and the images you can through his development of all the basic tools you’d expect, including filters and the economy, training, etc.

Finally, as we pointed out earlier, the application of Pixtica available at the current time on Android only, unfortunately here, subscription required, so that will be the one month about US$ 1.25, while using it for six months you will need to pay 2.50$ to 3.99$, but despite the fact that not everyone is Lovers apps subscription, these prices with this app and more not bad, and resolution, first and last for you.

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