Ikea launches a variety of accessories and custom players

Launched company Ikea recently a new set of custom accessories for players, which are designed by Ikea in cooperation with Unyq and Area Academy, which features a design and print three-dimensional and slip entitled Uppkoppla.

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Come to the new collection of accessories devoted to the players from Ikea, to support the players with interior accessories featuring a better experience especially for users who have difficulty in breathing.

And accessories provided by Ikea to the players brace to the wrist, with a cover for the keyboard control supports a more efficient keyboard, along with frac bungee the support this accessory players with more efficiently in games.

I have used the Ikea technique Unyq in the design of production line of accessories Uppkoppla, which are designed to clear the body to create accessories to print three-dimensional to correspond to the user.

On the other hand, indicated Unyq in the details of the plan Uppkoppla posted on Instagram, they are designed for the players who spend a lot of time in development in network games on the internet, where the aim is the production line to support the players comfortable experience does not lead to the stress of the player, as it is equip accessories according to user requests, also scheduled to be the launch of the production line Uppkoppla users in 2020.


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