IHS stresses on the shipment of 500 million devices support wireless charging in the 2017


The latest research from IHS, the Market that it had shipped 500 million device supports wireless charging technology during the preceding year 2017, including smart phones and other types of electronic devices, and for those who don’t know this technique, her idea consists in allowing the user to charge the device without connecting it with wire, and the distance is very short, and the charging feature of this technique is that it is easier and faster and does not require a fight to ride Electric.

These women formed the high reached 40% compared to the previous year and, of course, the smartphone was behind this rise, and suspended the occupied Victoria Fodale of IHS said:

In the past there was a barrier is the criteria necessary for the technical and competitive among themselves, but Qi successfully overcame the competitors early 2017, and we expect that more devices adopt standards Qi wireless charging this year.

Recall that the study has indicated that the familiarity of users with this technology has increased to about 80% in different regions of the world.

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