iFixit disassemble the Galaxy Fold and reveals his weakness (photos)

Published iFixit website – specialized in dismantling and assessing the possibility of repair of mobile devices – on Wednesday, the report of his own first smart phone retractable from the company Samsung, which seems to be launched will be a series after numerous complaints of the problem in the screen, which forced the company to postpone its release indefinitely.

Included the report of the iFixit website all the details regarding the parts of the internal phone, as they come in the end to what may be the reason behind the problem of the screen that bought them journalists of the media who received samples of the phone, which led to give the screen partially or completely after just a day or two of using it.

The site said in its report: the small area at the top and bottom of the screen make “Galaxy Fuld” Galaxy Fold susceptible to damage. He added: “Unlike the tea glass boring that I think on it, this smartphone/tablet has a lot of potential entry points – and not the good kind”.

He explained iFixit that make the phone a folding, the narrow frame that surrounds (and protects) the police leaves a gap where the halves. Although the width of the gap does not exceed 7 millimeters, yet he leaves the screen itself is exposed, so anything that enters through this gap will lead to damaging the screen.

This; and agree the findings of the iFixit website with an explanation of the company Samsung postponed earlier this week. After that I checked the company audit units affected, she said, the damage “can be associated to affect the exposed areas of the upper and lower joints. There was also a case where the affected materials within the device on the performance of the screen”.

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Said iFixit website: “when closing, be screen protected – but the spine is surrounded gaps enormous”. He added: “It is unlikely to cause this gap in the damage to the immediate company, but it inevitably will bring the dirt”.

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