iFixit confirms that the cost of equipment, changing the battery of phones iPhone $ 30 almost through 2019

The company announced iFixit specialized in the provision of equipment, repair smart devices, special equipment change card phones the iPhone will be available $ 30 almost until the end of 2019.

iFixit- iPhone battery replacement kits will cost $29

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The company provides iFixit equipment repair smart devices, today officially confirmed that it will continue to sell the equipment to change the battery of phones and the iPhone at the price of $ 29.99 through 2019, which is the official price set by Apple tool in 2018 also.

Have indicated iFixit that the cost of changing the battery of phones and the iPhone in stores Apple now ranging between 49 to $ 79, while iFixit the equipment you need to change the battery fully, which includes the battery, and suction, to by file points at a lower price.

It also affirms iFixit that the company provides special equipment phones iPhone 4S down to the iPhone 8 Plus, where come on your phone iPhone 4S at the lowest cost up to $ 17 approximately.

On the other hand the Apple to reduce the price of changing the battery in the older versions of phones iPhone $ 50 only, and by 2017 after the sluggish sales of these versions, and then the Apple adjusts the pricing of the change and repair of batteries, but that the impact of imprisonment on the sales of new phones, as the preferred a lot of users take advantage of the discount offer to repair the old versions as an alternative to buy the new version at a higher price than phones the iPhone.

Recall that the phones iPhone supports users often have a longer lifetime than pay the A lot of users choose to fix older versions of phones, but do you prefer changing the battery yourself on the iPhone as an alternative to spend a larger price in the Apple Store, especially if the rejected stores service Apple phone repair in case of repair through the ends of The else?.


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