iFixit confirms that the chip U1 in iPhone 11 designed Apple

Conducted site iFixit the process of dismantling the recently phone Apple iPhone 11, where the process of deconstruction that the chip U1 is designed from the Apple independently.

Referred to previous expectations that the chip U1 which is made of Apple Series iPhone 11, used Decawave ultra-wideband DW1000, where the support bar of the DW1000 the same task that came their slice of the Apple U1, also supports GPS is accurate up to 10 cm.

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Have pointed out the iFixit website to all of my chip U1 of the Apple and also Decawave support the same standards, and can support the work with devices from other companies, in particular devices that use the already provided Decawave.

Recall that Apple has more of a series of slats A, M, W, H, T and S, except that the chip U1 is the first of a series of strips U from Apple.

On the other hand, correspond to a slice of the Apple U1 with the standards of the UWB, which correspond to the same criteria for the slides that come in other versions of hardware, also due to support provided U1 with iOS operating system 13 quick share files via airdrop between phones and the iPhone, which is one of the applications supported by the chip Apple, that is the development of more applications later.


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