IFA2019: Lenovo identifies a number of laptops Yoga with Intel processors from the Generation X

IFA2019: لينوفو تحدث عدداً من لابتوبات Yoga بمعالجات إنتل من الجيل العاشر

Right, Lenovo has nice rival of the hand support many series laptops Yoga high-end with Intel processors of the tenth generation.

Where the menu included all of :

Laptop Yoga C940 convertible 2 in 1 both versions 14 and 15 inches

Laptop Yoga C740 also by my 14 and 15 inch

Laptop Yoga C640 the author of the 13-inch screen

As processors the tenth generation of the Intel given to operational efficiency, high those laptops and their performance in various tasks.

A laptop Yoga C940 is more interesting in this category with this new addition of company, it depends on the architectural specification in the included processor Intel of Generation X; in accordance with the May Company’s recent draft during the (Project Athena ) which means bindweed laptops slim and lightweight.

In addition to being supported by Updates New based on artificial intelligence; including property of the Super Resolution which improve the quality of the presentation of videos to the accuracy of HD.

And the other is called the Q-Control to determine control device performance in an integrated manner with the cooling process of the interior not to the increase in battery life.

Where it says Lenovo it expects this feature to increase the battery capacity to stay for 17.5 continuous hours in the case of relying on the accuracy of the HD display.

Will be available Your of new updates in the upcoming October prices were mixed, with starts price of Yoga C940 of $ 1,250 by 14 inches.

The copy of his bigger size of screen 15 inch with the specifications of the basic start of 1,710 USD.

For my C740 and C640 will price their 870 and $ 850, respectively, and of course will all be attached to the chip Intel recent.

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