IFA 2018 : Huawei announces the its new Kirin 980

IFA 2018 : هواوي تعلن عن معالجها الجديد Kirin 980

Used Huawei conference at the IFA exhibition in 2018 in Berlin to shed light on the latest processed Kirin 980 which is an integrated chip of the phone, according to the company will put an end to Snapdragon and its 845 which is available on most of the flagship devices from the company phones in the world.

The company says that its new building on the technique of 7nm for the first time in Smartphone processors, this chip if you will carry inside them the central processor Cortex-A76 processor and graphics Mali-G76, in addition to the modem with Cat.21 data transfer speeds of up to 1.4 gigabytes and supports the fifth generation, it can also transfer data via Wi-Fi quickly 1,732 MB which is the fastest for smart phones.

This is the chip is the first of its kind that supports my memory RAM 133MHz LPDDR4X, as containing the 6.9 million cancer inside of her, but at the same time is very small.

Speaking more simply, the new processor is considered faster by about 20% than the previous one, also provides less power by about 40%. Also that processor is considered faster at running the camera by about 46% than the previous one thanks to the picture Wizard dual dual ISP.

And, of course, named Kirin 980 techniques of artificial intelligence and Processing Unit Double dual NPU, which can identify and cope with about 4,500 image per minute.

Containing processor eight nuclei; the divided into two nuclei and to accelerate the Processor Turbo, and two performance constant, there are 4 small nucleolar dedicated to increase energy efficiency in the phone.

As is customary with the Chinese company, the comparisons don’t get rid of its conferences, where she focused on miss addressed on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 user in Android phones leading, she said that her therapist provided a range of 20% better, next 22% less in terms of energy consumption. As the therapist is available in number of frames “frames,” which provides approximately 22% for Qualcomm.

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