IFA 2018 : Huawei AI cube links 4G headset supported by an assistant Alexa audio

IFA 2018 : هواوي AI cube رواتر 4G وسماعة مدعومة بمساعد أليكسا الصوتي

Huawei unveiled at IFA about a new device works crouch of the fourth generation -, and high-quality sound broadcasting sound angles 360, and can be classified by the aid of the acoustic in the case of support by the Amazon some of the services Alex as the company promised.

The shape of his GoogleHome but it stretched out more horizontally, with a cylindrical shape with a diameter of 11.6 cm and a length of 21.8 cm, flat top and a weight of 900 grams. Supports wireless connectivity through LTE Cat.6 which provides a speed greater than 300 MB per second, and can be a wireless network running bands by 802.11 ac, as the company added that it has a powerful audio system will have the device added to their lead in the field.

And did not pose a Huawei after for the price of the AI Cube, which probably will be held before introduced in the market shortly, where it will offer the device in Europe in the Christmas period, and no definite information being put in the United States and plans on putting this model in China, but it is likely to lead Huawei to provide voice assistant new to a place Alexa there.

And Huawei’s this step to put her foot in the market to aid sound in the initial, to your future next to the aid of voice for the other companies of Apple and Samsung, which fired her assistant Bixby recently.

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