IFA 2018 : Google married her assistant audio dual language support for devices smart home

قوقل تزود مساعدها الصوتي بازدواجية اللغة لدعم أجهزة المنازل الذكيةRevealed Google in the knowledge of IFA support to help her voice with multilingualism, which can receive commands and answer several languages during the process one, which you will notice by the company in collaboration with its partners in the European continent a number of devices and enclosures smart home, chime with the new feature, which supports the plugin at the current time English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, the company promised expansion of the Council in the coming months.

And the new feature is the ability to direct command or question to the rules in multiple languages for example: can the question about the weather in German or in English, or directive is in a language and its question in another language, the assistant would in turn answer the same way, and is this feature is very useful for the joint where the diversity of languages among the members of the house or the homes of their students or other a variety of Nationalities.

The company has announced earlier this week for a Support Assistant to Google for a number of aid voice of the company and the other as a Beosound 1 and Beosound 2 buy Bang and Olufsen, which is expected to land in European market later in the year.

The company you cooperate with big companies of the electronics other manufacturing companies screens, televisions, phones, headsets, noted how smart products that will see the light in the coming months, in collaboration with manufacturers, such as centralized security to close the doors and control the house remotely, as well as devices for smart lighting that operates all the services of her assistant audio multilingual.

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