IFA 2018 : aesir reveal the “throne” games Predator Thronos

IFA 2018 : آيسر تكشف عن "كرسي عرش" الألعاب Predator Thronos

No doubt that the company Acer products computer multi fun, but for the safety of the Predator came after awkward about the great potential of which will be dedicated to the games often, and of course these capabilities will be accompanied by a high price – sometimes amounting 9,000$.

But this time I didn’t shoot the police of a conventional computer games, where the revealed chair games integrated Predator Thronos in the IFA 2018 in the German capital Berlin, this ball, which represents a “throne chair” for lovers of games, where the internal computer with three monitors 27-inch each.

Speaking about the details of the ball, it comes to the design characteristic metallic structure and a comfortable seating area and covered with cheese with two arms and smart and excited for the keyboard and mouse so that they can be submitted to delay it according to the skin or when you sit down and the Chair. For companies, they maintained the metal grant comes from the back of the chair and arched up to catch the cops in front of the user.

Why we called this device the “throne chair” in the world of technology? Because in a nutshell it weighs about 225 kg and when you sit you feel like you’re in the world of solo work within the games and all the available things you have.

Aesir did not know about the price of the Predator Thronos until now, but as it is clear you will not be at a price suitable for everyone, especially the screen one of the screens of the three up the price of about 1300$.

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