IFA 2018 : aesir promotion series Chromebook best New Chromebook 514

آيسر تعزز سلسلة Chromebook بـجهازها الجديد Chromebook 514The Taiwanese company announced the financial period for many Chromebooks prices and specifications of competition, which met with success apparently prompted the company to strengthen its series with Chromebook 514, which is announced on the first day to see the IFA in the German capital.

Generally think series Chromebook process to perform the functions of a medium to some extent, enjoy being the specifications are reasonable and appropriate for the category of students and the price is good, for Chromebook 514 the company has not disclosed yet about the internal specifications of the device, from the CPU and the graphics processor and memory random RAM or storage space.

As for the exterior of the device is made of aluminum, which lends him a sort of space is luminous with the reflection of light, and has a screen to accurately display Full HD IPS وكاميراHDR, enjoy keyboard illuminated next to her in the usual place the touchpad (TouchPad) is protected with Gorilla Glass.

For Home Windows have device to USB Port to transmit data on the right side, and the last to charge the device on the left side, in addition to make type A Space, MicroSD card slot, and the entrance to the headphone 3.5 mm.

The company will launch Chromebook 514 in October priced at$ 350, this is the information that we have for the moment, and any other details would be October probably is the sponsor disclose it.

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