IFA 2018 : Acer unveils system actually OJO 500

IFA 2018 : آيسر تكشف النقاب عن نظارة الواقع OJO 500

The company announced the aesir Taiwan for a new version of the system is the fact my at the IFA exhibition in Berlin, Germany, where he launched the OJO 500 augmented reality and virtual supported by Microsoft Windows, which comes with ergonomic design and allows users to unpack and arrange the parts of them with ease in case of unwillingness of their existence.

Come to OJO 500 with the screen of the LCD type, LED by 2.89 inches and accurately 2880X1440 pixels viewing angle up to 100 degrees, which means the watch is better than the previous version, it also comes with the update speed at 90 Hertz, next to the possibility to control the convergence of the screen image phenomenon is somewhat similar to way to capture images in cameras.

Recall, that the company has developed the system to listen for the port transmits sound directly to the ear without having to use earphones always, you can also link headphones the ear associated with hearing to listen differently.

According to the company, would be her glasses. OJO 500 available for sale in the United States and Europe starting from November at a price of$399

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