IFA 2018 : Acer to reveal laptop Swift 5 and a copy of the thinnest laptop in the world Swift 7

IFA 2018 : آيسر تكشف لابتوب Swift 5 ونسخة جديدة من أنحف لابتوب في العالم Swift 7

As we started today talking about Intel at the IFA exhibition in Berlin, we can talk about the latest versions of the global companies especially in the field of computer, where the kidnapped aesir lights a little while ago with its launch the thinnest laptop in the world, which is a new version of its Swift 7 – the thinnest in the world previously.

The company had launched the device Swift 7 for the first time in CES the beginning of the year, but it is now announced version more thinner and elegance of its predecessor, so that the thickness of the device does not exceed 1 cm!

Also, the screen has become larger than the previous, despite being the same size, except that the dialogue in this device has become less, to be the rate the screen about 92% of the fact. And the device weighs less than a kilogram a little.

Speaking more about the hardware device, it comes with a Processor Intel Core i7 second generation with LED 14 inches, it also comes with a structure of metal of magnesium.

In spite of the kidnapping of the previous device for the lights, however, Acer announced the device for another from the same series on behalf of the Swift 5, which shows for the first time and comes with a screen measuring 15.6 inches, and will be available for sale in January and the beginning of next year at a price of 1,100$.

It features Swift 5 is another form slim and the edges of his small, also comes with two options of Intel Core i7 وCore i5 U series announced by the company today, next to the RAM memory with a capacity of 16 GB tablet storage type SSD capacity 1 terabytes, and the battery lasts about 10 hours according to the company. Supports the technical fingerprint of Microsoft.

The company says that this laptop is the lightest of the category of 15-inch in the world, where it comes in weighing less than kg.

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