If you buy a PS4 newly here is a selection of the best games of the candidate to start the fun

Sony announced last month that it sold more than 86 million units of gaming platform PlayStation 4 since its launch for the first time in 2013, surpassing all of the platforms PlayStation 3 and Xbox One from Microsoft.

Achieved platform PlayStation 4 a huge success since its launch, as it was home to the best games which most of them can’t be played on the platform of the other games, and if you are upgrading from PS4 to PS4 Pro new, it has been improved several versions of modern games, this collection of the best games to download on the PS4 platform.

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We can’t mention the best PS4 games not to mention the name of the BOODBORNE, they are action games wonderful, Come design all the more pronounced, as it is from the Development Studio FromSoftware’s, and that the game is very difficult, and you can get them on Amazon versus 17.93$ from here.


The story of this game is the coolest I have, they are very convincing and well written, however UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’S END from the best action games and adventure that you can enjoy playing on the PS4 platform, and you can buy them on Amazon versus 18.95$ from here.


Is the development designed Japanese games Yoko Taro, and this game is a great experience you can’t find in any other game, where the rupture between the best games of its class of games Platinum Games, as they contain a tone of science fiction, as they contain 26 end technically, they also rely on the power of observation while playing, and you can buy them on Amazon versus 24.99$ from here.


Tells the story of a anime character called PERSONA, which is a freshman in high school, and has secret powers to combat the spirits in the world of the esoteric, they are one of the best roleplaying games, and you can buy them on Amazon versus 42.69$ from here.


Classified under the category of action games and fighting against the creatures and dinosaurs the mechanism that keeps the car on the ground, and the story of this game of the best stories video games and the most creative in years, and you can buy them on Amazon versus the 17.99$ from here.


After several years of release versions of them on the phone, are Need finally on gaming platforms, but also launch a special version with the computer, where the story of this game is about hunting predators such as dinosaurs and others, through the use of traps and hunt her down., you can buy them on Amazon versus 24.85$ from here.


Of the development of Sean Murray and his team at Hello Games, and this game of the games most controversial in 2016, where one of the games science fiction, and it’s set on the planets and the other with a view to exploring the universe, and you can buy them on Amazon for 18$ from there.


Of the best games of adventure and thrill, where the game is about exploring the land, and face many of the huge creatures which want to eliminate it, so you will have many challenges during the game play, and you can buy them on Amazon versus 19.50$ from here.


Production of Sony, and this game is the story of a hero means named Kratos, who seeks to eliminate the gods of Olympus seeking his successor, and the education of his son fighting to stay alive, and you can buy them on Amazon compared to 24.99$, from here.


The launch of this game in the fall of 2017, which is from science fiction games, which contain a lot of adventures, airports, and offer a great experience for the players, and if you’re playing on PS4 you will get a number of quests, weapons and exclusive, and you can buy them on Amazon vs 29.99$ from here.


As we know as action games, and is convinced of the personality of the superhero Spider-Man, and the events of this story in the New York City listed, and you can buy them on Amazon versus the 39.99$ from here.


Of the best puzzles games that you can play them on the PS4 platform, containing a lot of features which makes it better, including the soundtrack, colors of the aircraft, which gives you a wonderful experience and fun while playing, and you can buy them on Amazon compared to 29.95$ from here.


Enjoy the games company Rockstar has a good reputation in making their games open world more expansive, and this is what is going on his approach to the game Red Dead Redemption 2, A of games action, adventure and magnificent, and the area around the chase to men of law, outlaw bands, and you can buy them on Amazon versus 59.88$ from here.


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