If the dark theme extends the battery life?

Recently dark theme for smartphones is what is called “the hype”. Besides that this theme looks very stylish and cool, it has practical benefits. At least on paper, developers are assured that when using dark themes smartphones will work much longer. Sooner or later someone had to check this assertion we can now answer the question of whether the dark theme extends the battery life of your smartphone.

Dark theme is beautiful. But whether its practical use?

For starters, let’s see exactly how dark the theme allows to maintain the desired percent of battery charge. First, it is necessary to understand that not all gadgets similar trick would work. If the screen of your smartphone or tablet is made by technology LCD, that difference you will notice. The fact that the LCD displays are as follows: crystal display is passed through a certain light waves, and every screen pixel contain the red, green and blue cells. Oveseas a certain way, these pixels form the image on the screen.

More modern and АМOLED OLED displays work differently. In them the pixels and lighting combined in one element. Because of this, when a pixel on the screen should be black — the colors in it are not “mixed”, as it would be in the LCD screen. The pixel just turns off. Which means the backlight is not wasted precious battery power.

As reports the edition of Рocket-lint, one of the users, hiding under the name PhoneBuff, tested the dark mode, and find out how it is effective. A number of tests were run at the same display brightness 200 nits, and the use of the smartphone in normal and dark modes was identical.

For a start have taken measurements of battery consumption when transmitting messages within a few hours. In order not to “communicate with themselves” for several hours, PhoneBuff created chat-bots, who spoke instead of him. In this test the difference in power consumption was 5% in favor of using dark themes. But more interesting was another experiment.

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Immediately after two hours of communication live chat-bots among themselves, was held on the flight surfing Twitter during those same two hours. And he showed a much greater difference. In the normal mode using the same initial data after 4-hour test mobile dark towards the end of the trial had a charge of 26%, at that time, as the gadget is installed, the common topic was already almost over with the stock battery at 16%. And your smartphone supports the dark theme? Going to use it? Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

The author of the test immediately noted that to achieve such results the application should be supported exactly this dark theme, not just “repaint” the screen in black color. Unfortunately, not all developers have released an update for their products. But overall a positive trend in this direction is observed, so if you want as long as you can keep your smartphone away from the wall outlet — notice the dark theme of your undivided attention.

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