If Android smartphones to be updated faster due to Project Treble?

In 2017, along with Android 8.0 Oreo, Google presented a modular architecture, Project Treble. It was designed to separate high level from low level, independent of the suppliers of the processors, and thus allow manufacturers to reduce the effort required to update their smartphones. Since then it has been almost two years and almost all flagship devices already have support to Project Treble. But what it gave in practice?

At first glance, vnedreniye support Project Treble had a purely positive impact, the report AndroidAuthority. As shown by summary table, on average, to update your branded smartphones to Android Nougat, when the modular architecture was in development, the vendors were required 192 days. With the release of Android Oreo, which marked the era Project Treble, the update period was reduced to 170 days, which in terms of total fragmentation was palpable breakthrough.

Why you need a Project Treble

But as the development by vendors of new technology and the emergence on the market of devices with native support for a Project Treble, the situation has become even better. So, on average, each manufacturer took just 118 days to update its flagship smartphones to Android 9 Pie. This is a serious breakthrough that is clearly visible in comparison with the time Android Nougat. However, it is not so simple. If you stop to measure the average temperature in the hospital, it turns out that some vendors modular architecture gave nothing.

In particular, Nokia and Motorola, are recognized leaders in issues of high-speed release updates for branded devices (not necessarily the flagship), after the development Project Treble all of a sudden suddenly started to lag. What was the connection between the delay in the release of Android 9 Pie, hard to say, but it kind of tempting to think about the futility of separation. After all, Motorola and Nokia were not required to divide the system in half to release the update earlier than others, and therefore all the advantages of a modular architecture are far-fetched and are only associated with laziness vendors who see no reason to hurry.

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