If AI is to assemble a Rubik’s cube faster than a human?

Rubik’s cube is to some extent unique puzzle. On the one hand, to understand the principle of how to assemble and disassemble the cube is quite simple. On the other, to improve their skills in collecting this puzzle endlessly. People worldwide collect the Rubik’s cube on time and regularly set new and new records for speed of Assembly. But can artificial intelligence surpass human to solve the cube faster?

Won’t keep the suspense and just say: yeah, maybe. Of course, all calculations for the solution are in a virtual environment. However, in this case it’s not so much how quickly the AI assembles the puzzle, but how does the artificial intelligence developed for these purposes.

How does an AI to solve the puzzle

New artificial intelligence has received the name DeepCubeA and it was developed by scientists from the University of California. The creators of the algorithm note that his work is fundamentally different from all that has been created.

“We felt that the way of thinking the AI needs to be human,” said Professor Pierre Baldi, University of California. “DeepCubeA combines the technology of deep machine learning with the “archive known solutions.” That is, it can find the most effective algorithm of Assembly of a Rubik’s cube, while using less processing power.”

Under the “archive of the famous solutions,” the developers mean the following: the program first examines the already solved problem, and then “unrolling” the puzzle to its original condition. In “traditional” systems that solve the puzzle from beginning to end, going through hundreds of various options to find a solution, a crucial role is played by how quickly the AI can make a selection. About the thinks and persons, when it begins to solve the cube.

This is interesting: the biggest Rubik’s cube in the world assembled for 7.5 hours.

DeepCubeA thus generates tactics and strategy for solving the problem the most optimal way. So, if a person spends on solving Rubik’s cube in average of 60-80 moves, DeepCubeA does it for 30. And you want him in only 1 second.

Who faster solve a Rubik’s cube?

Despite the fact that DeepCubeA gathered Rubik’s cube in just 1 second, primary record belongs to a different AI. In 2018 engineers at mit have developed min2phase that the problem only spends 0.38 seconds. But the traditional approach to find a use min2phase and failed. DeepCubeA in this respect, much more promising

“The solution to the Rubik’s cube includes not only on mathematical calculation, but the connection of abstract thinking. The AI is able to solve the puzzle, getting closer to learn to think, to reason and make decisions beyond the limited software problems.”

And you know how to assemble a Rubik’s cube? What’s your record? Share in the comments and in our official chat in Telegram.

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