Identified a new reason for rapid discharge of Android smartphones

High popularity of Android, which it gained in the past ten years, left her side. At some point, the mobile operating system from Google has become even more attractive platform for fraudsters than Windows. The result is almost weekly we hear of more and more sophisticated attacks on Android users, which became a valuable resource for illicit earning money by unscrupulous developers. At least it seems so to us.

As it turned out, not always the developers are aware of the fact that their applications turned into malicious. According to BuzzFeed News, so do the scammers via affiliate advertising network, which are placed in innocuous programs and games from Google Play invisible to the user.

Why is quickly discharged smartphone

Fraudulent scheme, revealed by BuzzFeed News, has a very intricately. The scammers hacked ad network, modify the banners that are shown to users, adding to their videos.

Thus, when a user sees a banner, it looks still and video, which is much more demanding to resources smartphone, than a static image or even a moving image, promoting a particular product. As a result, the victim is faced with the overuse of the Internet traffic that many very, very limited, and premature discharge of the battery.

But scammers are cashing in not only on the ordinary users, but also on the advertising networks. They buy cheap banner ads, which contains much more expensive video ads, statistics on the views which are transmitted to customers willing to pay for number of impressions. Despite the relative novelty, this method proved to be very popular among scammers and even got its name – In-banner video ads.

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