IDC: market growth of VR devices of 2018

Diminished user interest glasses virtual reality VR of the Treaty on smartphones, but market glasses virtual reality high performance has continued to grow, becoming virtual reality devices tethered, independent, and more popular over the past year than ever before, according to data market research firm IDC IDC.

According to the latest survey by IDC about the users of virtual reality, it has grown the ratio of use of VR glasses high performance in 2018 by 60 percent, compared with the year 2017, and the number of devices to 3.9 million, although it is still in front of this market with many challenges, which need to be overcome.

Explored the study of IDC views the 1, 643 users in five countries: the United States, Japan, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, was the exclusion of VR devices adopted to mobile devices, but included VR glasses independent and tethered, regardless of her being tied to a computer or platform games.

The report shows that users ‘ levels of satisfaction from their glasses of virtual reality, the equivalent levels of satisfaction when a separate group of users for their smart watches, with an average of 7.5 out of 10.

The study provides some details about the differences between the types of users of the virtual reality, as was the average hours use of virtual reality among the five countries 6.2 hours per month, although users are divided, with a reported 12 percent of users for 16 hours or more of monthly usage, while a reported 65 percent for less than five hours per month of usage.

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The games clearly on the use of VR devices, where he played 72 percent of users at least one game during the last quarter of 2018, while the saw 55 percent of users of one video at least, by virtual reality devices.

The report of the IDC that there is no case of using other virtual reality, the rate was more than 30 percent in all five countries, but it is clear that virtual reality multi-user, representing the point of sale basic possible system, despite the existence of regional differences.

Preferably 62 percent of the players of virtual reality games in France, experiments on the players, while the fallen women to 58 percent in the United States, and 55 percent in Germany, 50 percent in Japan and 46 percent in the United Kingdom.

France was a pioneer in the use of VR not allocated for the games, since between a quarter to a third of French users who have surveyed the applications of VR creative, social applications, and settlement agreements, or act, although numbers were significantly less in other countries.

Suggests additional research company IDC that there are a number of key factors, significance in the growth market of virtual reality, such as pricing, hardware, design, and ease of use.

Focused company Oculus recently on the ease of Use and convenience for their boat, The Quest, and Rift S, while keeping their prices at a level $ 400, and saw the Sony a big rise in sales after lowering prices platform PSVR.

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