ICO died? Results fees in the third quarter disappointed

According to a report by research firm ICORating in the third quarter of 2018 . ICO-projects called “General disappointment”. Six hundred projects have attracted only 1.8 billion of the $ 8.3 billion for the previous quarter. The decrease in activity is also observed in traditional venture capital investing in blockchain projects. In addition to reduced funding, also need to pay attention to the rate of return on investment (ROI). He lost 22 percent.

In the 1st quarter of this year this indicator has gained 49.32%, while the second fell, i.e. 55.38%. One of the reasons for the downward trend is considered to be regulation. It is important to note that the ever-increasing pressure from the securities and exchange Commission (SEC) threatens hundreds of projects. In June, the SEC Chairman stated that although bitcoins are not considered securities, the majority of the tokens are as such. This means that their issuers are obliged to register in the Commission.

In the third quarter – from July to September 2018 – total funding target of ICO fell 48 percent. ICORating the report also States that 57 percent held in September the ICO projects are unable to gather more than 100 thousand dollars. Only 4 percent of all in the third quarter of the token by the ICO received a listing on the stock exchanges. In the second quarter, the figure was 7 percent.

According to Cointelegraph, 19 percent completed the ICO have already deleted the web sites and pages in social networks. In the second quarter of this indicator was twice less. On the disappeared ICO accounts for 3 per cent or of 62.1 million dollars of the total amount of attracted funds. Regarding the choice of platform for the sale of tokens, at 83.75% ICO release tokens on the blockchain of Ethereum. More data look at cryptodata.

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