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At MacWorld Expo 2002 Steve introduced the iMac “Lamp” G4 and iBook G3 14-inch screen, and announced the advent of Mac OS X – which now has become part of the system “” default on all new Macs. iMac G4 and iBook’and became the first. Prior to 2002, the exhibition MacWorld conducted two times a year. In January in San Francisco, usually at the beginning of the month and during the summer (July or August) on the East coast of the United States, until 1997, in Boston, from 1998 to 2001 in new York. In January 2002 MacWorld Expo was held in new York. Apple never participated in the exhibitions of MacWorld on the East coast…

The January MacWorld Expo in new York is like a snow storm with Blizzard and frost down to -20 in mid-July, or the tropical heat on new year’s night in Moscow.

But the event took place, Steve was in shock, and on the geographical surprises forgotten very quickly. The exhibition opened on 7 January and I still do not understand what was most important to her: the next step is “modern operating systems” into reality, or iMac G4 in the form of a lamp, causing in memory of”Luxo Jr.”, the first ever computer-animated film, nominated for an Oscar.

By the way, in the article about the iMac G4, the author succumbed to the stereotype, and said the presentation was in San Francisco. No, it was in new York a few months after September 11.

The form factor of the iMac G4 (the computer in the stand of the lamp and the LCD display in place of the lamp) did not force the inhabitants to seek and not find the computer next to him, but was technically smarter and more rational than that very soon replaced it. LCD screen filling the whole computer in a thin and inconvenient to service housing engineering acrobatics. And significant difficulties, it’s pointless…

But it worked, because imitated!

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iBook G3 14-inch screen

In an unexpected place, and quite unexpectedly (in my opinion, even a rumor about something that was not), Steve came out with a new model iBook. It was a new model, with new ID model PowerBook4,2. However, these mundane details are not poets, and Steve on the ID didn’t say anything.

Strange: in addition to TFT-display with a diagonal of 14.1 inches (35.8 cm), and more RAM (256 Megabytes in the base package) this iBook was no different from the rest iBook’s (Late 2001): the same PowerPC 750сх c clock frequency of 600 MHz, the same 100 MHz clock frequency bus, the same optical disc drive DVD-ROM/CD-RW and the “top” iBook (Late 2001), which Apple called Combo.

The same graphics card (ATI Rage Mobility 128 2x AGP 8 MB video memory), which were underwhelming, especially in patients real computer games, and even the resolution it was exactly the same: 1024×768.

As well as him “Junior” 12-inch brethren, the new iBook does not support extended mode desktop by connecting an external monitor. Only “mirror”, that is, the external monitor display the same thing that was on the iBook display.

If it was done on purpose, for fear of manifestations of cannibalism from the iBook G3 in relation to the more expensive professional line PowerBook G4. I do not know, officially, it’s because no one confirmed.

Let my grumbling will not mislead you: it was a very good computer, and its screen was one of the best screens at the time. It is possible to sit for 10-12 hours several days in a row my eyes do not tired.

Just such an unusually conventional model with its own identifier. Unusual.

The same inscription under the lower border of the screen: iBook. All iBook’Ah ice with the G3 no more symbols of the model. Not including the computer to find out its modification is almost impossible (in my opinion, it’s wrong). 14-inch iBook, for five and a half months, can be distinguished from all the others, if I had to compare, or if the hand was the line – not even including.

In may 2002… It’s still a secret.

Had iBook G3 14” a few differences: because of the larger screen size of its body was larger, and weighed in a pound more than the 12-inch switchblade stiletto (2.7 kg instead of 2.2).

And its period of Autonomous operation was, according to some sources – 5 hours, others 6, and according to witnesses, three and a half hours (if you don’t watch DVD or burn to CD) it kept. And then all four.

Was he another historically important feature, which its creators are not very guilty. This…

Mac OS X “default”

Perhaps the most important event of MacWorld Expo 2002 was still not iLamp (the Lamp Steve jobs in Russian translation), and this important and historic step toward a modern operating system that the Bitten Apple fans waited for almost 15 years, and was several times from her in two steps, but it didn’t happen.

Steve was not trying to deceive anyone. March 24, 2001, announcing the release of Mac OS 10.0, he honestly admitted that this version of the system is not completely final and ready. To its readiness remained about a year. Otherwise, it is impossible.

About six months went 10.1, a free upgrade, with hundreds of bug fixes in various parts of the system. When you view the list of fixed bugs there is a question: and whether it was something that worked in 10.0?

But 10.1 was not ready for adult life. Officially, it was released on 25 September 2001, but download it from Apple’s site was impossible (not posted) and the remaining channels of its distribution was at least operational. Many have received it in their hands only a month and a half, November 12, and even later.

November 12 came with Mac OS 10.1.1. And also didn’t fit the role of the main system. It also had dozens of (not less than one hundred, in my opinion) fixes. And very noticeable change.

Maybe you know what’s inside Mac OS X is another operating system without a graphical user interface, Unix, open source of the BSD clan, named Darwin. So, in 10.1 was Darwin 1.4.1, but in 10.1.1 – Darwin 5.1.

But 10.1.2 examination passed. Published on 21 December 2001 and 7 January 2002 and became the operating system “default” to multiple computers. That is, if nothing is done, the computer starts not with the classic Mac OS (Mac OS 9.2.1), and “modern”.

Of course, a spare round in the form of Mac OS 9.2.1 was still at hand, but still. Soon the “classics” updated to 9.2.2… which became its latest version.

Mac OS 10.1.2 became the “default system” in the iMac G4 and iBook G3 14”.

But besides them:

in the iBook G3/500 (Late 2001), the price of which on 7 January 2002 have been reduced to 1 $ 199;
in the iBook G3/600 (Late 2001) all modifications, DVD-ROM and Combo.

Otherwise, the 12-inch iBook remained unchanged.

It was believed that the G3 and Mac OS X – “not a couple”. G3, even in the embodiment G3e (PowerPC 750сх), it “pulls”. Computers with PowerPC 750сх the perfect machines for Mac OS X was not, it is true – but tens of thousands of users, more or less successfully, used this imperfect combination.

Otherwise we wouldn’t have known that running MS Word (Mac OS X) on Macs with G4 takes 2 seconds, and the iBook G3/500 – 6 or 7 seconds… My MacBook Pro runs Pages in 30 seconds, and nothing. Disgusting, of course – but not a tragedy.

To be continued

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