iBook G3 (Late 2001): Include in the kit a screwdriver…

37% of Americans called iBook in a translucent housing is the most desired gift for Christmas. Apple barely had time to meet the demand for “ice”: each of them before sending the customer checked – screening out damaged items. But the cases, the return of the “ice” was even less prosperous than the PowerBook. The problem was to blame… greed. Of the 20 purchased personal computers, 19 were clones of the IBM PC (sometimes even more). Differences between them were few – the price could not be the most important argument in the struggle for the buyer.

All PC-shnye of the company, from tiny to giant, reduced costs. By all means available. Customers actually preferred the cheaper option. No frills design, nor ergonomics, or ease of upgrade or repair, no longer quoted.

Users of PC-shnyh of the clones announced their preferences the only correct one, and let them almost ideological base. Computer – consumables. He, through a year or two, become obsolete. Why pay more? As a rivet fell, but cheap and cheerful…

When all possible ways of cost reduction has already been applied, someone came up with a brilliant idea to save on the cost of production. It turned out that in the world there are lots of places where labor is practically free (by American standards), where the law does not limit the duration of the working day, no vacations, no insurance, and only one day off per week – but if you really need, unable to work and on weekends…

Those who shifted their production to countries with abundant labor resources and not frightened first choice was. You would have thought about the consequences and give up. But very soon the choice is no one left. “Carry or lose”.

For Apple moving production overseas was a necessary measure. This difficult case was referred to Tim cook. Tim managed. Despite mistakes and failures, in the end it all turned out – and the mechanism of cheaper Macs (and later other Apple creations) soon earned right.

I read somewhere, Tim cook, Apple’s expansion into overseas markets of cheap labor, interfered with mud. But we understand that this decision is not he, and that 1 / 20th of a share of the global market for Apple was a little… the Decision, after debate and discussion, was accepted, and its implementation was entrusted to Tim.

The most difficult part of the way was iBook in a translucent housing. Users didn’t notice anything… If you forget about June-July 2001, when almost every second iBook was returned for repair or replacement.

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About screwdriver included

At the Mac-native press for the years 2001 and 2002, about iBook “ice” written a good many things Apple… Efforts were not in vain: no one, not even provisionally close of the most trusted journalists about the problems with the marriage at that time, did not seem to know.

In one of the reviews (quite friendly), the author was advised to include the Apple supplied iBook screwdriver set, without which access to the most interesting (per user?) the insides of the “ice” was impossible.

In those days Apple was still embarrassed to send clients to “service centers”…

Screwdriver set really could use… But the kit had to add a tiny specially-trained men (friends?), because for an Amateur this set would be a source of danger.

Readers responded to this review. One girl said that no screwdriver is not necessary, it is sufficient coins of 10 cents, to connect the AirPort or increase the amount of RAM.

About access to the battery, no one even remembered seeing him as an inalienable right…

And the model 1 for $ 299, with 64 Megabytes of RAM (which is a CD-ROM), was accused of failing to work with Mac OS X. refer to the same girl with the 10-cent coin for help critics, for some reason, did not.

Again October…

I’m writing this on 16 October 2018. 17 years ago, in Cupertino, held a press conference (Press Event) on several topics, including upgrade iBook.

Another “no matter what” was successful. In a model with CD-ROM increased capacity of the hard disk (with 10 to 15 GB) and the motherboard is now soldered 128 MB of RAM. Now this model has been Mac OS X Ready.

Otherwise she hasn’t changed, and cost the same $ 299 1.

The model with CD-RW “gone.” Steve rarely explained the reasons for his actions, and this time was no exception. Simply stop its release and all. Many years later I learned that not all eating a iBook (Mid 2001) CD-RW waited for her delivery. Those who waited, hoped and believed, despite everything, were rewarded one fine October day in 2001, they suggested that instead of a CD-RW (1 $ 599), at no additional cost, the option with the Combo. This option is now worth 1 $ 699, but was more powerful – we’ll talk about it right now.

Reason? Like, defective CD-RW drives.

In the remaining two “may” have increased the processor frequency (600 MHz) and bus (100 MHz). iBook was noticeably “faster”. If you don’t load it with hard work, he almost not inferior to the professional counterpart.

iBook G3, when you connect an external monitor that does not support extended mode desktop space. An external monitor can duplicate your laptop’s screen, and all. Rumor has it that there are no technical reasons for this limitation was not, and Apple intentionally blocked this option to have the “ice” didn’t discourage buyers of the more expensive and powerful Titanium PowerBook.

In the basic configuration with DVD-ROM increased the hard disk space to 15 GB. The price remains the same – 1 $ 499.

Model Combo (DVD-ROM/CD-RW) fell to 1 $ 699, the capacity of the hard disk in the base was increased to 20 GB. This model has received the most loyal and patient customers who waited iBook (Mid 2001) a CD-RW.

Good deal not be called marriage…

Tim cook actually moved to Southeast Asia. The problems have not gone away. If everyone entering the United States “icicles” was immediately sent to the buyers, neither the beauty of the design, bright and clear screen, no other of their dignity, would not have saved Apple a lot of embarrassment.

First stage control was organized in the factories. To business joined the party organs of the PRC, as a cooperation with Apple and Taiwanese capitalists brought into the Treasury of China hard currency “for nothing.”

Exactly how it looked “cooperation”, I guess. Like you. It did not help.

There were several cascades of control, but still, the final check before heading to the purchaser, were approximately two out of three. What to do with scrapped computers, I don’t know. Disassembled for parts, returned to China or sold to countries with undemanding population?

Most likely the former.

To be continued

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