IBM unveils technology available for breast cancer a year ago using artificial intelligence

Working with IBM on early detection of breast cancer in order to find a quick solution.

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It seems that IBM doesn’t write my work on the research of nature and the exploitation of artificial intelligence techniques in it, where she revealed prescribed her provide a new predict the possible onset of breast cancer the year before.

The company says that through a new technique that relies on artificial intelligence to determine the risk of injury by 87% compared with the possibility of using X-rays, which are accompanied by the use of a human.

It can be said that there are ways to predict the risk of breast cancer analysis of the photography, but the technique of IBM is dependent on image analysis and analysis.

As the technical work on the analysis of images and analysis, they will be more reliable to disclose the exact results compared with other techniques.

Analysis of the integrated IBM health analysis

The technology company IBM on the analysis of the X-rays of your breast and collect the clinical data of the patient from tests of the thyroid gland and blood and the area, and then is the formulation results in an algorithm specific to achieve all the results with giving the diagnosis optimized patient.

This of course will reduce the chance of misdiagnoses. being the conversion process will be comprehensive and is not limited to the specific result of the analysis.

The result does not mean complete confidence

Despite the high resolution provided by the technique of the new company in early recognition of breast cancer to treat it quickly, they talked about the lack of fully rely on own results, as it provides a rate of 77% of correct diagnosis for the cases of gas disease or that will not get sick.

Therefore, the women remain excellent in any case doctors and researchers, but for the patient to open output real look of a natural cancer specialist.

It is indicated that the company had already provided techniques using artificial intelligence for the early identification of Alzheimer’s disease.

You can read the article HERE: IBM’s development of method for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease using artificial intelligence.

It also has developed another technique for the early detection of glaucoma eye, before you know today about the detection of breast cancer.

You can read the article HERE: IBM is looking to accelerate the discovery of glaucoma in the eye through artificial intelligence.


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