IBM making history detects the first system in the organs of the quantum

Revealed IBM for the first system in computer quantum, where the company confirms that this version although not the best they only put features of the first history of this technique through the system first.

IBM System One quantum

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Pointed Bob Wisnieff head of Department of system quantum in the IBM company, that the main idea of the development of the first system for computer quantum is a confirmation of the ability of IBM to develop this category of devices on the ground, where it comes to computing system design a big box does not need to call the system you want.

Can also be institutions IBM Q Network to work directly on the software and run code on the system at the present time, however, the main objective according to the statements of Bob Wisnieff is to emphasize the possibility of developing this class of devices.

And the technical development team quantum in the final statements that the team had trouble in the beginning to develop technology that doesn’t exist on the ground, so I used the company by a special team to design the first system in collaboration with the engineers of IBM, where the selection of the design team of Universal Design Map of the Project Office.

Recall that there is some consensus of technical experts, which asserts that computing technology quantum will not require significantly or rise to become the technology can wait, but the developers of computing technology quantum of the physicists, designers have a vision for the future emphasizes that this technology will shape the future of humanity, which is what came in the statements of IBM which also confirmed that the system of the first computer quantum will be one of the techniques that you know in stores after 50 years from now.


I know of

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