IBM has created a microcomputer the size of a salt crystal

IBM intends to use blockchain technology for tracking movements, delivery of the goods and identify theft. The IBM specialists are studying blockchain and even create devices that work with him. The first of these was the microcomputer, the size of which is comparable with the crystal of salt, — reported the press service of IBM in the company blog.

The developers note that a new microcomputer can be used in the system of “smart house”, air – and automotive industry. Despite the fact that the power of the computer is quite small and is comparable with devices of the early 90-ies, it is equipped with a CPU with several hundred thousand transistors, a photodetector and a communication unit that transmits information using light. The price of this microcomputer is not yet officially announced, but, according to some, it will cost a little more than ten cents.

Info about “stuffing” the device promised to reveal later.

The computer showed at the conference, IBM Think 2018, where company representatives talked about the five future technologies that will dramatically change society and business over the next few years. One such technology was the blockchain. It IBM developers have high hopes along with AI, quantum computing, cryptography and robotic microscopes.

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