IBM developed a system of artificial intelligence argue the humans require them

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آي بي إم تطور نظام ذكاء اصطناعي يجادل البشر ويتغلب عليهم

Smile Corporation IBM System artificial intelligence holds the name of the Debater Project, which is designed to engage in skirmishes with the humans by offering arguments are interrelated and powerful in theme, with its ability to address large groups of data around the corresponding topic.

Back system Debater Project for the first time at an event held at the company IBM in San Francisco, which had a length of 6 feet with screen in the upper part by the blue circles excited that the circles move while the system is processing the speech or listen to his opponents.

Has system conduct a suitable two-game winning streak. with two of the humans are noted ovadia and Dan zafer who have a proven track record of discussions of the winning, was the subject of the first debate about whether space exploration programs carried out by private companies must be supported by the Government or not, and the subject of the second about increasing the use of means of remote medical care by Telemedicine.

Each provided evidence to support the view, and the claim of the other party, as usually happens in walls between two different parties, but New that the first party was human and the third party system was artificial intelligence developed by IBM.

Won courtesy NOAA ovadia by a crowd of journalists in the issue of providing argument -where the attempts at artificial intelligence system in the humor hasn’t lived up to the level of human personality – but the artificial intelligence system provided by IBM exceeded ovadia is definitely in the question of enriching the knowledge.

System was IBM’s best in the second debate, which took place between him and the interlocutor dan zafer the theme of which was about increasing the use of means of remote medical care by Telemedicine at the end of the corresponding beat of the human on the system but this time the difference is simple, the system was markedly superior in the field to enrich knowledge, help to change the standpoint of at least nine members of the public about the project.

In each of these two short articles is not to inform the interlocutors both human or artificial intelligence system on the topics in advance, and every party has four minutes to make an opening statement followed by four more minutes to prove his point and then conclusion of the project period of two minutes. The beginning was all the time with the system.

It happened in San Francisco is the first time to anyone outside of IBM from participation lively discussion between human and artificial intelligence. But IBM researchers were conducting discussions in the temple for a while, on topics such as “do you have to be income taxes exist?”, “You will help self-driving cars on the increased rates of behavior?” And “you should be the use of antibiotics in our food supply is?”

Through cloud storage, e -, a subsidiary of IBM s artificial intelligence system scans billions of Friday to view a coherent and compelling about different subjects. Then the system listens to the speech of his rival, and then respond to them, and then finish his persuasive argument, and thus enable the system to cope with the type of controversy until recently was beyond the reach of machines.

For its part, said arvind Krishna, the Director of the Department of research at IBM: “we believe that language proficiency is a key area should be on the artificial intelligence systems bypassed, there are aspects of doing artificial intelligence such as speech recognition, converting speech to text. But these systems are not good enough in terms of Understanding the audio or the construction of speech can be spoken or written, as it can’t understand the nuances in the context of the word, meaning lack of ability to discern what supports the proposal or what might be against this proposal”.

Major technology companies such as IBM, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook were among those who participated in the race of high risk for the development of artificial intelligence techniques .

But the ability of artificial intelligence system on the development convincingly in competition against a human being-and his quest to win the proving point of view – is likely to confirm the fears expressed by both Elon musk, CEO of Tesla A and X and the world of Physics, the late Stephen Hawking that artificial intelligence could destroy human civilization.

To give a concrete shape to those fears smile recently researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of technology system artificial intelligence a psycho named Norman proportion to the profile of the fearsome core in the thriller classic by director Alfred Hitchcock Seiko Psycho, has been training algorithm by showing the texts and images disturbing about death in gruesome ways which have been found on the site Reddit Reddit, which impact on this system and make it act like a psychopath.

Commented arvind Krishna Director of the Department of research at IBM on concerns of potential systems of artificial intelligence, saying: “I see so in a different way where the phenomenal rate of technology and speed of today has made us receive an enormous amount of information from all kinds of sources, is there anything to trust that it can give me views about the same topic? These systems can occur to me the pros and cons of a topic, this allows me to form my own opinion with ease”.

Added Krishna: “as is the case in real, you can play humor and personal experiences a good role in convincing the listeners easily, and the debates do not rely on the narrative of pilgrimage to the region, continues to artificial intelligence systems is able to simulate it, when you can rival a human that uses anecdote or personal experience, the system which includes him in the debate can’t interact with it.”

So what are the use cases in real life for artificial intelligence systems that can debate? Mentioned Krishna some examples of the use of these systems, such as legislators who are discussing critical issues, or the lawyers who prepare speeches. The benefit of the students or the business of the discussion of artificial intelligence systems to assist in the formulation of opinion.

We saw before that computer company IBM IBM computers beat humans in chess in 1997, and defeated them also in the competition of Jeopardy to public information in 2011, and in 2017 defeated the artificial humans again after beat the system The AlphaGo developed by laboratories deb of Maine, a subsidiary of Google on the world champion in a game of Go of great complexity and intelligence.

Here are the artificial intelligence systems today another victory over the human through the occasion much more accurate in the field of debate, where experience has shown that machines and artificial intelligence can learn skills traditionally reserved for humans only as a courtesy.

Link to it from the source: IBM the evolution of the system of artificial intelligence argue the humans require them.

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