IBM bought a million photos from Flickr to the experiences of face recognition without the knowledge of the owners

IBM اشترت مليون صورة من فليكر لتجارب التعرف على الوجه دون علم أصحابها

Facial recognition technologies and expectations age using artificial intelligence became one of the most controversial and debate among technology companies and researchers about the campaign, the fact that those techniques need a lot of data users and their photos to, which puts the protection of the user in danger sometimes.

And interested companies with the technology and the protection of the user at the same time taking permissions from users for the use of their images in the experiments, but IBM which is considered the pioneer of the field of Technical Research in the world didn’t do it, which buys about one million images of the Flickr knowledge to share photos and then use them in her research.

The problem lies in the work of IBM about the lack of knowledge of the people that they locked the experiences in the companies, even if the source may know that there are millions of people who were in the photos posted Don’t have a relationship with even if they got the time to then pick up the image, which is determined by one of the designers for NBC.

For its part, suspended IBM on this topic to The Verge by saying they take people’s privacy seriously and no one can access the list of its own data research, only the research groups of reliable and its institutions, as they did not use any image not available for.

Not only the issue of audio research with the techniques of face recognition using artificial intelligence, companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook use tools similar to attract users to raise their images and compare them, as to occur 10 years that has spread recently to make millions of images ready for companies like Facebook to use in facial recognition technologies.

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