I think Sony was the first to let a long a smartphone?

Screens are getting more extended and is now changing the length of the display we do not perceive with such great surprise as before. Suffice it to recall the evolution of the iPhone from the model 4S to the iPhone 5. Then changed the aspect ratio and such an unusual elongated display seemed somehow strange and questionable decision. The smartphone seemed long and awkward. Now everything has changed and the aspect ratio 16:9 display (2:1) seems to be something quite familiar.

Over the last couple of years, smartphones have moved from being a 16:9 screen format 19:9. The first number in this designation speaks of the height of the screen, and the second about its width. The higher the first number, the longer and thinner the display in your phone. Soon we expect that Sony will present three new smartphones with an aspect ratio of 21:9 (budget model Xperia L3, according to leaks, will have a ratio of 18:9).

Many of you now might think that the expected news from Sony with an aspect ratio of 21:9 will be something innovative, because such unusual displays was not. In fact it is not. Some of you may remember the LG Chocolate BL40, which was launched in 2009 and had a touch 4-inch screen with a resolution of 345 x 800, which of course pales in comparison with the resolution of 1440 x 3360 expected in Xperia XZ4, but here it is about the aspect ratio of the display.

But what is the aspect ratio of 21:9 smartphone. Everything, I think, is quite simple. This aspect ratio is commonly used to record video content: movies, TV series, video entertainment and other things. In the horizontal location of such a large 6.5-inch AMOLED display will be perfectly suitable for video content consumption.

What do you think will nachto such an unusual aspect ratio in mobile screens? I would buy a smartphone with that?

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