I spent a large pool 59 a lawsuit against Apple

قضية كبيرة تجمع 59 دعوة قضائية ضد آبل

قضية كبيرة تجمع 59 دعوة قضائية ضد آبل

Availability of Apple’s lawsuit but this time from users of phones of the company, and to do so after merging the lawsuits from dozens of customers on the background of the issue of delay devices old police force the users of updating their devices to the latest version.

The issue of delay devices Apple has generated a heated debate between the users of the phones the company after the leaks that talked about deliberate company so which prompted many of them to raise a lawsuit against it, it is possible that this represents the support of the biggest legal threats faced by Apple recently. As the number of lawsuits has reached 59 case which will make the Court of public opinion of America collect calls in case a big one.

After years of user complaints of slow their phones immediately launch phones for your new iPhone, said Apple, I slowed some of the phones came on purpose under certain circumstances, as explained to the police that it came to protect the iPhone from automatic stop if the batteries are old, or if the device is cool because it runs on less energy than usual.

On the other hand is not convinced of the company’s customers donate cars declared by the company, where users claimed that such practices from Apple aims to make their purchase the newest devices and the most expensive so as to increase the profits of the company.

Will be integrated into the various issues in the class action lawsuit one will begin next Thursday during a legal meeting in Atlanta.


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