I have a Rick & Morty now game Daydream new VR store Google Play

لدى Rick & Morty الآن لعبة Daydream VR جديدة على متجر قوقل بلاي

Justin Roy, Dylan is the co-inventor view and download the animated “Rick & Morty”, and today the studio Squanch Games to publish the title exclusively for Daydream VR is now available on the store Google Play. It’s of course a virtual reality game entitled The Dr. Splorchy Presents Space Heroes, and the necessary conditions for here phone is compatible for the game, and Daydream.

Fortunately reveals the description of the game from the Play Store Description The Official site about some of the details of this game, where apparently there are separate tasks in the game, first requiring you to figure out how to disable a weapon of mass destruction, the second edit and save the Mayor and the buyers, and during all these professionals will use the weapon of science fiction and tactics developed for the completion of your goals, with a standard circumstances discourage you from completing interested.

Finally the game Dr. Splorchy Presents Space Heroes is a free they are available for download at a price of$ 5, and, alas does not include any free trial offer, on the other hand it’s really nice to see exclusive deals like Splorchy Presents Space Heroes who shoved his way to the house, but with the price of $ 5 would definitely be hard to sell.

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