I had a Samsung prototype phone that is compatible with the 5G at CES 2019


I had a Samsung many products are interesting to view in the CES CES 2019 currently held in Las Vegas, USA, and amongst them was a smart phone and a folding model of the first phone compatible with the 5G. This prototype is compatible with the 5G is not hidden unlike the smartphone rollaway, which was introduced by Samsung to the public behind closed doors.

Why it is promoted, making it difficult to determine its place on the wall reserved for the 5G, at least until the reporter managed Business Insider monitor. This phone is still a prototype, but obviously it works. Maybe it wasn’t connected to a 5G, so it is after the launch of this new generation of young people in the city of Las Vegas, but it is likely to happen later this year. For a Samsung phone compatible with the 5G networks first, it will be for sale later this year also.

Is likely to be this is the same device introduced by Samsung in South Korea last month. Maybe not the same unit, but from the same batch, it is the same widget in the corner for the front camera.

Generally, officially confirmed that Samsung is going to dislodge the curtain officially series phones Galaxy S10 Series in the 20th day of February next. And certainly, we’ll be there all of the Galaxy S10 E and Galaxy S10 to add to the +Galaxy S10, but it remains to be seen whether the phone folding phone is compatible with the 5G networks will be a part of this event or not.


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