Hyundai offers a prototype control the rapid flow of the future ‘Elevate’

That the idea of access to the victims of any natural disaster in the fastest time is definitely is especially crucial to work on saving the largest possible number of lives, but the speed of damage in the region, bridges and other infrastructure makes these things almost impossible, but with the ‘Elevate’ the new concept of development and of the Department of CRADLE, a subsidiary of Hyundai would make this impossible possible.

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Where he can difficult to crawl over difficult obstacles, especially because its wheels, the four conductive legs articulated can enjoy, where you can publish ‘Elevate’ in a variety of emergency situations example earthquakes and hurricanes down to the collapses of snow, tsunami, simply by swapping the cabin outside the framework of the basic car.

Where you are given each leg has five degrees of freedom while each wheel with its own which allows it to maintain its progress even if you can’t wheel or wheels to maintain stability, and can at worst, you can control the freezing of its wheels in place or walk over a field of debris in the case over, pull the legs of the “Elevate” under the cockpit and like a conventional car.


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