Hyundai Kona.. electric car from Hyundai walking 500 miles in once per shipment!

Has become the electric car a reality on the roads, no longer talk about technology being developed or discovered, as has become its potential to learn and use every day and their prices are on the decline, and Hyundai PRNewswire Hyundai Kona one of the electric cars expected to compete for Nissan Nissan Toyota Toyota electric.

And Hyundai being an electric-Type sports cars, multi-purpose SUV, the company was keen to provided in several colors to fit most tastes, this acid ash is inspired by the color of the board and white of the Cretaceous period, the width of the car is 1.8 meters, indicating the breadth is appropriate as a family car.

Inside the car there is a central controller of the prominent, give the driver the possibility to control everything he needs while driving, there is also a display screen top you know the speed of the vehicle and the direction of its movement, without distracting from the attention of the driver at all.

From between the gentle touches in the car the design of their seats, that contain a heating system, as it runs the heating system to the steering wheel also.

Battery car Hyundai universe electrical capacity of 64 kilowatt hours, and can the car up to 500 kilometers without the need to charge it with electricity, and with the quick charger with a capacity of 100 kW to charge the battery up to 80% in 54 minutes!

Drive a sound system of 8 speakers, and the ability to charge electronic devices wirelessly, and an innovative system brakes (brake), as well as a navigation system.

Price ranges Hyundai universe electrical between 32 and 42 thousand dollars. (about 570 and 750 thousand Egyptian pounds).

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