Hyundai developed a system to open and run the car its fingerprint in 2019

هيونداي تطور نظاماً لفتح وتشغيل سياراتها ببصمة الإصبع في 2019

Hyundai announced about an integrated system of parking to be applied by the beginning of next year in China as an initial driver is able to open and run his car through the imprint of his finger, as the company announced that Santa Fe is the first car that add to the new system.

In what will be the fingerprint reader installed in the handle of the door and another inside the car, both of which are linked to the new system from Hyundai, which allows the driver to control the opening and operation of the vehicle with his finger, and the fingerprint of the driver to the system before you start driving so that the system after the drive mode, which adjust to the driver of the mirrors and the way the ball doesn’t and saves; because it can also define more than one fingerprint for different people said the system automatically configure the vehicle to the driving situation of any of them immediately printed his mark on the car.

Some argue that the challenge for Hyundai lies in the fingerprint sensor located in the handle of the door which must be resistant to external factors different from water, rain and dust and other addition factors of protection and security that police said that the percentage of error in the technique of 1 to 50,000.

It is worth mentioning that the Korean company is not the first to use insight in the operation of the vehicle, but it is the first as used by in the open car sensor to the handle of the door.

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