Hyundai choose a taxi independent in the streets of California

Announced the company Hyundai has launched its taxi fleet BotRide, a taxi service is autonomous, in the city of Irvine, California, starting November 4, in collaboration with and Via.

It is supposed to start Hyundai PRNewswire Hyundai Kona Electric equipped with self-driving of Company Pony .ai Chinese emerging and in Via service the ride in the transfer of customers on public roads next week.

Enjoying a group of several hundred residents, including college students, access to the SUV’s independent, in which their movement is free between multiple points, where the coverage of the service area of many points of residential, commercial and institutional.

And can algorithms Via many of the passengers of the problems of the car itself, besides not making them walk too far in any of the party to flight, while providing hardware and software consulting to assist in the development on the streets of the city.

Although the electric car self-control is equipped with a system command of the same, only that the human will be sitting behind the wheel during this experiment.

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Used to the carmaker, the South Korean service BotRide to study how people act within self-driving cars.

It is assumed that the customer car, self-driving through a mobile app, available for Android andiOS, which directs the passengers to the stations near ups and downs.

Christopher Chang Christopher Chang, head of business development, strategy, and technology in the Hyundai: offer trade service BotRide for several hundreds of the inhabitants of Irvine, the objective is to study the consumer behavior in the service environment to ride self-driving.

And BotRide another example of the continued efforts of Hyundai to build experience in the field of technology development in addition to the obligation of the company to provide more services development easy to use for customers.

The formation technique used within the vehicles sensors and software to the exact location of the vehicles surrounding area, and dealing with pedestrian traffic in urban areas, and perimeter control them accurately, and predict the behavior of other road users, careful planning of actions accordingly.

Said Daniel, Han, Daniel Han, manager of product strategy and developed at Hyundai American: through BotRide, the Hyundai is working to take advantage of the latest technologies in car self-control and community development fields in order to submit a new form and safe comfortable means of transport to the public.

“The program represents a BotRide demo is an important step in publicizing and marketing the work of new development is growing, and it can be a program BotRide demo is an example of how cities and businesses together to enable smart cities and intelligent transport systems in the future.”

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