HyperX achieved record shipments of their products in the Games section this year

The report revealed new figures about the standard achieved by the company HyperX in shipments this year from the headphones, and keyboards coupled with memory.

Increased the proportion of shipments HyperX of their versions of gaming headphones this year to exceed 10 million units, while shipments reached police from the keyboard to million units, also reached the company’s shipments of memory to 65 million units.

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Announced Games section in the company’s HyperX recently announced the sale of more than 10 million units of the custom headphones for gaming, as the company began shipping version of the headset Cloud MIX Rose Gold.

The company began to develop its first release of the headset HyperX Cloud custom games in 2014, and then it came out the company’s 20 model of the heavens, which support HyperX to achieve leadership in the field of accessories, games, computers, and games, and then moved along the production line Cloud MIX from the heavens.

Also the company is the HyperX one of the leading companies that are targeting the development of gaming headphones for the bus, while the report revealed the company about a new development in the sales keyboard that went up to a million units, while the increased sales of the company from memory to 65 million units.

I have had the keyboard HyperX Alloy of the highlights of the versions of the police, which came with the keys Cherry MX, and came to the plate HyperX Alloy Origins of the mechanical to assess the new development in custom keyboards for gaming.

The case is no different in the versions of the HyperX memory, which includes FURY, and a Predator DDR4, along with models of RGB representative of a LED lighting customizable with برمجياتNGENUITY which contributed to the high proportion of the company’s sales significantly this year.


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