Hulu reduced the price of the subscription in our basic plan to the 5.99 USD per month


After a brief period of raised Netflix prices for all paid plans in the service of the United States of America, decided Hulu cut the price of the subscription in the basic plan. This plan cost is currently $ 7.99 USD monthly note it supports ads, but the company decided to Hulu now reduced their price to 5.99 USD as of February 26.

This is not the first time which Hulu this plan at this price, it has to reduce the price of the basic plan during the period of the offers, but this time you’re gonna do it permanently. And, apparently, decided Hulu reduced the price of this plan is to increase the base of participants in the service.

Since this plan supports the display of ads, there is expected to say the company Hulu ads more to compensate for the revenue lost due to the decline in the price of the subscription. This will not be the case, it has explained the company Hulu that they will not raise the size of the ads.

When it comes to the plans share of the other, you’ll encounter company Hulu provide the ” free advertising ” for 11.99 USD per month. There is also no change in the subscription special bundle Hulu and Spotify, which costs 12.99 $ USD.

The company Netflix raised the prices of all their plans a few days ago, and the company Hulu through this step. However, there is still a difference the main one, which is that all plans available in the service Netflix does not show ads.


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