Huge price on gaming monitors with support for 4K/144 Hz due to the very high filling

Recently I was told that gaming monitors 4K with 144 Hz, as it turned out, not pull these same 144 Hz at the native resolution.

Let me remind you, these monitors on the market are only two: Acer Predator X27 and Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ. They were announced in early 2017, but sales have emerged more recently. It’s twins, as they are based on the same AUO panels and the Nvidia, and their parameters are identical.

Also these monitors differ a great price. In the US you can try to find the Acer for $ 2,000, and the prices are much higher. In our market I while sentences are not found, and in Russia, prices start from 170 000 rubles.

In General, the specialists of the resource Per PC tested the Asus model, at the same time dismantling it. Because of this, they found out why these Monica so expensive.

The fact that the technology G-Sync, which there is, requires a hardware module, in contrast to AMD FreeSync, which is fully software. The module, itself, costs money. In this case, apparently, it accounts for almost half the price.

It is based on programmable gate array (FPGA) Intel Altera Arria 10 GX 480. Retail is so worth it… 2600 bucks! That is more expensive than the monitors themselves! Of course, Nvidia for their platforms buys them at a significantly lower price. What I don’t know, but obviously much smaller. But, whatever it was, it is clearly very significant, which explains the price of the monitors. In addition, the module contains 3 GB of RAM DDR4-2400. And yet there is two cooling fan!

I searched for info on past generations of gaming monitors with G-Sync. It turned out that all the others (probably all, I) monitors, in addition to these two, based on modules containing 768 MB of RAM and another matrix. She is now, if I understand correctly, is in the retail of $ 850. That is three times cheaper. Whatever their price is for Nvidia for bulk purchases, the difference will remain. Apparently, a more powerful solution was necessary in order to implement the parameters. However, as I mentioned at the beginning of the news, providing a 144 Hz still have issues.

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