Hubble took a picture of the giant scary face that stares back at us from the depths of space

Remember if any of our readers scare the public in the 1980-ies of the photo of the “face on Mars”? Today everyone knows that the face on Mars turned out due to “work” the Martian wind, water and the rich human imagination. However, about the Martian face films and written books. Perhaps in the eve of Halloween, the writers of horror films is to draw attention to the recently published American space Agency NASA. On photos taken with the Hubble space telescope, shows colliding galaxiesthat resembles a scary face with mean eyes that watching earthlings from the cosmic void.

Sinister space face looking at you

Space observer

NASA published the latest photograph taken by the Hubble telescope, where a pair of galaxies resembles the glowing eyes, menacing, gazing down on our planet. In a statement, NASA said that “the piercing eyes are the most striking feature otherworldly creatures, but it’s not a ghostly vision. Hubble captured a huge head-on collision of two galaxies”. Each “eye” is actually a luminous core of the galaxy, one of which crashed into its nearest galactic neighbor at a distance of 704 million light years from Earth. But the contour of the eerie “face” is a ring of young blue stars, while the other clusters of new stars form something like a mouth and nose. The whole system, photographed in June, is called the Arp-Madore 2026-424 (AM 2026-424). Do you think any more pictures will make the Hubble in the future? To discuss this and other photos of the space telescope in our Telegram chat.

It looks like the Hubble space telescope

It is no secret that the collision of galaxies, especially in the early Universe is a common phenomenon. But still, most of them are not similar to those before us. Due to the fact that the two galaxies are rushing towards each other, their collision caused the formation of “ring” structure. It took relatively little time by galactic standards — about 100 million years. Due to the collision of galactic disks, which are composed of gas, stars and dust, as if “pulled out”. Is lo cause the formation of starburst ring, which turned into a sinister face. The researchers note that the ring of the galaxy meet in the vastness of the Universe rare and only a few hundred of them live in the cosmic neighborhood of the Earth.

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What will become of the cosmic face in the future?

Galaxy completely in about 1-2 billion years, and information about their past will completely disappear. In the future, the astronomers intend to observe many other unusual interacting galaxies. The researchers have no doubt that a reliable sample of nearby interacting galaxies, will provide a detailed overview of the development of galaxies after the merger. To study such antics of our galactic neighbors will be able to space telescope James Webb is scheduled to be launched in 2021.

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