Huawei’s patented new smart phone free of the screen frame

Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Just appeared patent a new invention of Huawei applied for, in the month of February describing the smart phone design, allows the company to be free of the frame while maintaining the basic characteristics such as resistance to water, dust and anti electricity.

The innovation company Huawei for this design interesting to a large extent aims to solve the problems that arise when the design of the phone free of the screen frame. Takes metal frames four and stick to it using glue in the sides. The result is a screen with a frame so skinny, since the screen are in focus of the general structure of the phone, there is a little pressure applied by the side frames on the screen.

The company claims that this design does not interfere with the properties of resistance to water and dust structure due to the structure of the high quality and adhesive strength.

Wonder how this kind of design almost architectural to work in real life. Do you work for Huawei in fact on something like this or is it just experience? In either case, since the side frames separate from the main structure, it becomes a weak point and make the device more prone to breakage. If so, does he really prefer sacrificing fun for framework slim the company note that there are phones already provide the screen frame very skinny like phone Vivo NEX.



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