Huawei’s most wanted patents to 2018

You’ll be surprised if I told you that Huawei made the largest number of international patent applications in the year 2018 is?

Reports indicate that the Chinese company made 5405 request for the patent of invention in the past year, double the number of applications for Mitsubishi Electric and Intel which ranked second and third in the list.

However, this does not tell you the whole story, or at least that’s what you think, Company to Patent Result, a research firm based in Tokyo.

According to improve the quality of patents filed by the top applicants in 2018, not patent applications of Huawei is quite innovative. According to a company Patent the Result, and can be classified only 21% of the patents submitted by Huawei as “very innovative”.

In return, I got Intel and Qualcomm, which outstand ranked third and fourth in the list on 32%؜ and 44%؜ of the patent “extremely innovative”.

It’s the most interesting is that the contribution of the talents of North America in high-quality patents from Huawei is too high, where among the top 30 engineers from Huawei, 17 of them from North America.

There is another important point which is to buy patents force by Huawei. Reportedly, the company bought Huawei about 500 patents from foreign companies, of which 250 were from American companies and the members of the US Senate in July last draft of a law to prevent Huawei from buying or selling U.S. patents.

Source: GizmoChina

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