Huawei’s implementation of a list of accusations addressed to them by the United States Department of Justice

War was still common between the U.S. government and Huawei and another round of conflict is the list of accusations from the U.S. Department of justice against the police evidence in the formal conference yesterday about the theft of the secrets of the technique and in transactions contrary to law; and report to Wall Street has highlighted the leadership of the ministry with the preparation of those regulations during the past few weeks.

The reply came Huawei for full the charges against her, expressing not commit any act contrary to law; where she made several petitions to the competent authorities to participate in the Battle of the circumstances and what the accusations have been rejected; whether for tax evasion, fraud ask regarding the violation of the laws of the sanctions imposed on Iran addressed to their last daughter of the founder of the company.

In addition to Huawei confirmed and denied them to steal the secrets of the technology of American companies, in particular those of the case with T-Mobile about robot inspection smart phones known as “Tappy” as has been settled earlier between the parties in the absence of a semi-or signs of them in front of the jury.

As reported the Chinese government, for its part, the accusations of America against Huawei over the speaking on behalf of the Department of foreign Jing Xuan in an official statement, saying that the United States government has been targeting Chinese companies deface and crack down on them in an attempt to kill their business operations natural and, inviting them to address things objectively and stop the campaign of distortion against Chinese companies, including Huawei.

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