Huawei working on a smartphone dedicated to games

In light of the huge development when competitors such as Shaw and ASUS as well as phone resort it seems that the phone Honor Play launched by Huawei weeks ago is no longer sufficient so the company decided to enter this new market phone more power and ferocity as you say the reports .

According to the source, Huawei is working on a dedicated phone for games equipped powerful advantages of innovative and will be a strong contender for the games currently existing in the markets .

As well as the gear, the strength will Huawei to attend this phone accessories official help to give users a game experience immersive to the Algarve without the hint about the identity of these accessories.

The phone will be unveiled this year Maybe if you believe the expectations would be with the Huawei home the dead 20, which will be unveiled in the last quarter of the year as usual.


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