Huawei will reveal its plans to sell the sector to develop 5G technology soon

The chief executive of Huawei in his remarks recently to the company’s plans to sell the sector to develop 5G technology in the coming period, to be the nominated companies out of the Asian markets.

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There is no doubt that Huawei is facing a lot of challenges in the recent period, with the effect of the U.S. ban on the company, in comments made from the CEO of Huawei in the newspaper interview, disclosed the future of the sector 5G in the company.

On the other hand, denied the CEO of Huawei the start of talks to complete the sale transaction with any of the companies, or the existence of any company the candidate to complete this page at the present time, except that the company will license sector 5G fully on this page, so I’m still Huawei is looking for a more appropriate choice to end the deal during the next period.


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