Huawei will retain the unique feature of their smartphones for a

Huawei is not going to supply proprietary processors Kirin third-party manufacturers. About it manufacturer’s representatives told reporters thematic publications on the sidelines of the conference Huawei Global Analyst Conference held in the beginning of the week.

We do not consider the production of processors as a stand-alone business and do not intend to monetize it by starting to take orders from competitors, said a company representative. Smartphone sales Huawei help not to think about the search of other items of income.

Huawei is one of the few vendors who provide themselves processors. “Stones” allow developers to more effectively optimize the hardware component of their smartphones to work with a proprietary shell.

Kirin processors compare favorably to the competitors and in-depth integration of artificial intelligence. Neural networks are able to self-regulate the power consumption of smartphone, increasing the level of autonomy, as well as provide better built-in camera.

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