Huawei will present at the IFA 2018 two versions of the flagships


A new message in the official account on the popular social network one of the leaders of the smartphone market, Huawei, indicates the announcement during IFA, except for the chipset Kirin 980, two versions of the flagship smartphones.

It is widely known that Huawei is likely to unveil during its upcoming presentation at IFA 2018 their new chipset Kirin 980, but, according to the report in the official account Huawei on Weibo, a well known vendor will also provide two new color versions of their current flagships P20, notes Ro (Ro) on the resource page

Huawei P20 and P20 Pro, the new colors on IFA 2018

Новый цвет Huawei P20 и P20 Pro

Huawei P20 and P20 Pro was announced in April 2018 and, of course, they are not as high as initially. Therefore, the company is committed to its premium smartphones once again talking. And this will be announced two new color devices that will allow the products to remain relevant a little longer.

Новый цвет Huawei P20 и P20 Pro

Details of the new colors is still unknown, but in Weibo posted two images — one with blue butterfly, the second with pearls. It is assumed that speech can go about the blue and white colors with gradient coloring.

What is important is whether the color of the smartphone? To discuss this topic readers can Telegram chat.

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