Huawei will not launch a smartphone running Harmony OS, at least this year

Harmony OSHarmony OS

Although the company denied several times been trading a lot of news about the desire of Huawei in the issuance of a smart phone running the company’s New Harmony OS throughout the past few weeks.

The Chinese company reported in a conference launch of the system that they will continue with Android and eager to continue its partnership with Google and thus produce more phones with Android system this year, media next.

But the abundance of Ado again had one of the officials at Huawei to go out shopping again that the company will not provide any telephone system Harmony OS this year, not even next year as long as I didn’t need it.

Vice president of the company confirmed it’s Lahore phone system Harmony OS this year and in the series Dead 30 which is expected to be disclosed next month as indicated by the registration of the last.

With that, the vice president confirmed that the company will be about products using the new operating system Harmon OS this year, including Smart TV plus a smart watch will be unveiled before the end of 2019.

Finally alluded Vincent Yang to not use a system of harmony in phones subject to the trade relations between America and China and that’s why you don’t know what will happen never in case things heat up again between the two countries.


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