Huawei will launch a TV with two cameras

Huawei is currently the second largest manufacturer of smart phones in the Android market, though not yet in the market of TV, like its counterparts Samsung share, but according to a report released by the media tray, the responsible executive in the supply chain confirmed that the Chinese giant will officially return for the first plan you need to meet the focus of Huawei in the month of April next.

In the age of cloud gaming and smart TVs, you won’t be Huawei’s products just TVs simple, but according to the report will be the center of the House, contain the features of social games especially, where you will be provided with a camera-double in the frame, for video chat and live streaming, says that TV will come in two different versions the size of 55 and 65 inches, is expected to be manufactured by my company, me, or e-Shenzhen Shine Star Electronics is Optical, has come on behalf of “Huawei AI Window”.

If it seems that Huawei realized the importance of TV in the advanced technologies present, and in that step we may see new standards for TVs in the future.

Source: Android Head Lines

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