Huawei will launch a new phone with full screen without the edges of the soon

We all saw considerable jurisprudence from Shawty up in the submission screen phone complete without edges or with the edges of the few it seems that Huawei is planning to catch up this is where Huawei has launched lawsuits formal event to launch a new phone, and on 17 October in France.

As it appears from the invitation it appears that Huawei is planning to launch a phone with a screen quite full and with the edges of very small so you may expect that front camera of this phone will be a pop-up Pop-Up such as OnePlus 7! However, one analyst has confirmed that the phone will come with a camera engraved in the screen.

The picture included in the tweet doesn’t explain anything, but we can expect a phone with a screen of the type Warerfall such as those that we saw in dead 30 Pro coupled to the phone and probably won’t be useless dialogue, but his dialogue is drawn to this frame while the camera, sensors the receiver would be inside the screen!

So far we don’t know what is the technology that will be used by Huawei to put all these ingredients inside -or bottom – of the screen where it didn’t come in any earlier, but we’re excited of course, especially after the news confirming the improvement of the position Huawei is a little in crisis with America.

Source: Beebom

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